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Best Natural Diets for Losing Weight


More often than not people have pledged to start living a healthier lifestyle and following a certain diet routine. Unfortunately, sometimes in barely two weeks, you will be eating cupcakes and calorie filled foods. Despite these challenges, determination and the right choice of diet can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Here are some of the diets that you should consider when choosing a good weight loss program for yourself.




This is a super remedy not only for weight loss but also for healing the body. Fortunately, all you need to make broth are a few chopped organic vegetables that you need to soak in water until they are soft. You may have to leave the mixture for seven hours overnight. Drain the water, heat it up and your soup is ready to take. You may add sea salt and pepper to taste. The left over vegetables can be cooked and eaten on their own or added with fish and grain or any other meat of your choice. This food is very healing to your body whether you are sick or not.


Use extra virgin coconut oil


There are foods you can eat (3 day diet) as well. A good number of health experts agree that coconut oil is as close to a super food as you can get. It is high in lauric acid, which is one of the ingredients found in breast milk.


Extra virgin coconut oil is anti-aging, moisturizing and healing. Due to its nature and ability to remain stable even when cooked, coconut oil is the ideal for any person intending to lose weight. For more tips about losing weight, visit


Use apple cedar vinegar


Apple cedar vinegar is produced from fermentation of fresh apple cider. Apple cider vinegar is a highly potent and versatile making it excellent for both topical and internal use especially when diluted. The secret is to choose good apple cider vinegar from organically grown apples. You will experience a significant change in your weight if you make use of this vinegar regularly.




This is a powerful weight loss food for any person. The fact that tastes great is an even bigger advantage. Eating cinnamon can regulate your blood sugar, which is an important part of your weight loss process. Use cinnamon generously in your food and beverages. You may assume that it is only great for taste, but its benefits are far more nourishing.


The secret to losing weight is to find a good Plexus diet that you can stick to. Eat healthy food and exercise regularly to attain the perfect weight.